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18 October 2007 @ 03:49 pm
Money Isn't Always Evil  
As most of you know, I have been writing some paid posts. Ya know, the reviews under the lj-cut tags. The individual reviews don't make me a lot of money, but they are slowly adding up. I've been using my new domain rarereflection for some paid opps as well.

It's nice to see my paypal balance growing on a regular basis. It can be frustrating at times to not be bringing in any money. My MT studies are progressing, but I still have some time to go on it. So, I'm happy to be able to earn a little cash. E's birthday is coming up and I'll actually be able to buy him something nice with the money from my blogging. That makes me feel good.

Even though I've lost a couple of "friends" due to my paid blogging, I'm happy that the rest of you have stuck around!

I might even be able to feed my new Lush addiction a little with my earnings. :)
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Reid: notcheaprare_reflection on October 19th, 2007 10:28 am (UTC)
Re: Inquiring minds want to know...

There are actually a variety of companies out there that pay bloggers to write posts about various products or sites for advertisers. There are usually rules and guidelines, but they aren't that hard to follow.

For example, I signed up with a company called PayPerPost. I'll post a button at the bottom of this post and I also have it on my user info page.

Using livejournal it's somewhat limited as to which companies will actually accept your blog because a lot of them want you to have an actual domain, but payperpost does accept livejournal. The main catch with them when applying is that you're last 90 days or so of posts must be public (at least while you are applying) and any PPP assignments must be public because they do check your blog for the posts. So, I've had to make my blog more public then I'd like but I still keep the really personal stuff friends locked. You can get an idea of the offers I get from looking back through my journal for any of my site reviews etc. Going rate for the opps we can do on our lj blogs are usually between 5-10 bucks. I have had a couple pay more then that. They usually give you an inital assignment to promote PPP that pays 20 bucks.

I started with them towards the middle of August (if I remember correctly) and have made around 200 with them so far. I could have made more but some of the opps I just can't do. Hope this helped explain :)

The main reason I bought/registered my own domain name was so that I can start making more money with my blogging. :)

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Reid: notcheaprare_reflection on October 19th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Inquiring minds want to know...
My pleasure :)